Christine Nesbitt, Founder & CEO
Rasham Riely-Gibbons
Dr. Leonard Bertain, PhD
Christine Nesbitt is a Business Process and Performance Improvement specialist with over 20 years of business development experience in the healthcare industry and expertise in executive coaching and motivational public speaking. Ms. Nesbitt founded Manifest Consultants in 2009.  

Mrs. Gibbons is our Business Production Manager and has more than 5 years experience. 
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Dr. Bertain is our Associate and Information Technology Consultant and has 30 years of experience in Business Consulting in the Health Care Industry. 

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Mission Statement 
The mission of Manifest Healthcare Solutions is to help businesses succeed. We want to help you increase profits while increasing your overall business performance and creating harmony in the workplace. 
Our Values  
  • Respect for the worth of the individual ​​​​
  • Achieving goals through dedicated leadership and teamwork 
  • Accountability as a means to elevate individual organizational performance 
  • Advocate for personal and professional empowerment of others
  • Embracing change as an opportunity to learn and improve 
  • Contributing to the communities where we live and work 
Ashley McQuillan
Ashley McQuillan is our Business Development Director and has 7 years experience.