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Manifest Healthcare Solutions have over 20 years' experience helping healthcare businesses develop and implement innovative strategies to increase profitability and improve marketing effectiveness. We can help you to optimize work flow efficiencies, reduce accounts receivable turnaround time, and increase collectables. 

How We Work We assess your business processes; build consensus by on-site interviews and market research and surveys, and measure and document outcomes. We help you:
  • Improve efficiencies of operations and increase profitability by up to 25% 
  • Eliminate waste (delays, mistakes, missing billing information and incomplete documentation)
  • Simplify and streamline workflow
  • Maximize clinician utilization
  • Empower the leadership and staff on the front line
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Physical Therapy
​Innovations, 3 Clinics:
​Oakland, El Cerrito
​​Danville, CA

​Increased revenue by
​25% compared to previous quarter            

​Improved work flow efficiencies 

North Santa Rosa Physical Therapy, Santa Rosa, CA

Created 20% time savings and lowered costs
Streamlined office procedures and efficiencies

Doctors Express Urgent Care, Newark, CA

​Increased revenue by 15% for brand new clinic in 9 months Marketed to 50 physicians

Dr. Selena Ellis, Neurologist, Berkeley, CA

​Increased practice revenue by 25% in 2 months

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