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“Manifest Consultants has been instrumental in improving our front and back office processes, as well as aiding in improving staff relationships and realigning the levels of authority for Albany Medical Group. We highly recommend Manifest Consultants.” Albany Medical Group - Michael Smith M.D., Janet Ewing M.D., Michael Lewis M.D., Nelson Bunin M.D., Louise Nurre D.O., Fred Miller M.D.​​

​​​“We had a great 4th quarter after Manifest Consultants' tutelage! 25% increase from previous quarter. In two months, Manifest Consultants was able to help me reduce mistakes, waste, and delays in my collections and billing efforts due to clinical staff lagging behind in documentation, inadequate staffing in billing, and how to motivate my staff better. Manifest Consultants has been the best investment I’ve made in a business consultant in 24 years.”
- Allen Ling, MPT, OCS, Executive Director, Physical Therapy Innovations

“In 3 months Manifest Consultants was instrumental in analyzing and streamlining our office procedures. Addressing delays in collections and billing efforts, lagging documentation and front office procedures. Resulted in greater efficiency for both our front desk and the business office in a way that has allowed time savings and lowered costs. I am happy to recommend Manifest Consultants to any medically oriented office that is interested in exploring options to improve the efficiency of its business procedures, work flow, or personnel. We can all use an objective second opinion now and then.”
- Todd Soares PT, OCS, cert. MDT - North Santa Rosa Physical Therapy

""In 2 months Manifest Consultants secured new referrals resulting in a 25% revenue increase for our practice by marketing to physicians, hospitals, skilled nursing and assisted living facilities. We recommend Manifest Consultants for your business development." S. Ellis, M.D., Neurologist

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